Who we are:

Armatech is a South African-based developer and manufacturer of innovative remote controlled locking devices for main gates, pedestrian gates, office doors and special locking requirements.  The company has a long history with prison-type locks (pneumatic, electric and manual) and specialized prison ironmongery.

Our Services:

We believe if a client needs a locking device or lock and cannot find an off-the-shelf solution, we will consider developing unique products on demand. On the majority of products we can add:

  • Door Status
  • Lock Status
  • LED’s
  • Vibration sensor
  • CCTV cameras fitted.

Did you know?  Our unique products:  Gatelox range of locks

We are the inventors of the unique electric slam lock for sliding and swing gates.  We believe that:

  • If thieves cannot open your gate, chances are good they will not empty your house
  • You can sit in the safety of your car and unlock the gate using your gate remote
  • The lock will slam safe after you entered, eliminating the chances to be a victim of high jacking or robbery.